Tonya Anderson

Master of Science
Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Tonya Anderson is a writer, sacred therapist, and inspirational speaker. She has vast experience working with veterans, politicians, law enforcement officers, and victims of trauma. The author of "One More Day," a memoir of overcoming suicidal ideations and renewing joy, she recently spoke about the future of 21st Century Communities at the 2019 TEDx Williamsport.

Tonya Anderson

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Tonya's expertise is drawn from her life experience, clinical mental health counseling education and spiritual teachings. She assists her clients in navigating their stress symptoms to create healthier, more balanced lives, and relationships. Tonya's philosophy is that a person can overcome stress/trauma in a natural, holistic way, respecting all support systems in place, or creating new ones.She has been working with clients with PTSD since 2002, shortly after 9/11. She takes her clients from stress/ post trauma to a state of resiliency and beyond resiliency, in a peaceful, gentle way through her counseling and consultations. She facilitates retreats to allow her clients the time, luxury and sacred space to create the most effective therapeutic and restorative processes.She uses a gentle therapy approach to allow her clients' natural healing instincts to be restored and renewed. Fine tuning their internal guidance then leads them to their exquisite lives.She is the author of ONE MORE DAY, her memoir of overcoming suicidal ideations and renewing love, joy and passion in her life.She recently spoke about the future of 21st Century Communities at the 2019 TEDx Williamsport, THE POWER OF ONE.She is a guest speaker for events and shows, including iHeartMedia's local talk show COMMUNITY MATTERS.Tonya has a private practice in Montoursville, PA, and provides confidential counseling and business consultations. She provides inspirational presentations for colleges, universities, professional organizations, and businesses on having an Exquisite Life, Resiliency and Moving Beyond.

Tonya speaks about the future of 21st Century Communities at the 2019 TEDx Williamsport.

Her specialties:
-Creating Healthy Relationships with self and others
-Counseling adults, couples, and families/Blended Families/Family
-Systems /Work Relationships
-Stress Management/Anger
-Counseling Military and their families
Restoring Resiliency & Joy
-Mindfulness Healing Stress
-Guided Meditations/ and Self Care
-Suicide Prevention
-Life after Trauma


Tonya Anderson is a sacred therapist, inspirational speaker and the founder of An Exquisite Life. She helps people using mindfulness and sacred therapies to resolve stress/trauma in their lives, create balance and frees them to live a life with renewed joy, love and passion for life.
Tonya was born in Hollywood, CA. A military kid, she grew up on Treasure Island the Naval Base in the middle of San Francisco Bay and Pearl City, HI. She is best known for her spiritual retreats and helping people resolve stress, PTSD, relationship difficulties, and traumas from their past. She successfully and effectively integrates mindfulness, solution focused spirituality and sacred therapies in achieving great outcomes.
As a class member of the United States Naval Academy (Class of 1986) and the former Chief of Staff for State Representative Rick Mirabito, she integrates her professional experiences in government and in the military to provide her clients with a deep understanding of the complexity of their lives, as well as their commitments, to facilitate exquisite results.
She travels the world giving inspirational speeches, workshops, and retreats on love, peace, joy, and the sacredness of life.

Tonya Anderson

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